A Team of Specialists


Mike Daley – CEO & President

Shawn Flaherty – EVP & Partner

Christyn Thatcher – CFO/COO


Rebecca Siteman-Chu – Payroll Coordinator

Corinne Flaherty – Office Manager

Meghan Feeney – Marketing Manager

Contract Staffing

Brian Daley – Director

Howie Gorman – Senior Associate

Peter Kulturides – Senior Associate

Jennifer Friedman – Senior Associate

Alanna Ross – Associate

Reed Karaska – Associate

Olivia Civiello – Associate

Executive Search

Chuck Abba – Director

Westly Tyrrell – Senior Associate

Robert Daley – Senior Associate

Marty Metz – Senior Associate

Kelly Hanlon – Senior Associate

Vincenzo Kulturides – Associate

Hali Siegel – Associate

Erin Sullivan – Associate

Tim Fitzgerald – Associate

Info Technology

Angela Fagin – Division Manager

Kenny Williams – Senior Associate

Mark Doyle – Senior Associate

Ryan Hult – Senior Associate

Life Science

Earl Callender – Division Manager

Alexandra Powell – Senior Associate

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