Revolutionizing Staffing During the COVID-19 Crisis


At the onset of the pandemic and the resulting downturn in the general market, our client — a prominent player in the hospitality industry — recognized an opportunity to expand. With a solid financial base and strategic foresight, the group embarked on a massive acquisition spree, increasing its portfolio from 32 hotels to 270, and a major franchise of 1,100 hotels.

As expansion continued, the client decided to centralize operations by establishing a shared service center in the southern United States. During this massive growth and transition period, their team identified the need to staff additional team members. At this time, unemployment was at an all time high. Our client needed Daley And Associates’ assistance with staffing the right team members who could work remotely, have the correct expertise, and hit the ground running.


In Massachusetts, Daley And Associates was able to staff 30 consultants to assist with sales, tax, payroll, and accounting needs during the client’s growth and transitional period. During this same time period, our client was opening their shared service center in the southern United States. Daley And Associates assisted with their screening process to find candidates. Our team led the new venture’s staffing initiatives, placing high-caliber candidates in roles ranging from VPs to payroll managers. Our intimate knowledge of the client’s culture and operational requirements ensured that we delivered candidates who were skilled and a perfect fit for the company’s dynamic environment.

The shift to a remote work model presented logistical challenges related to new hires, from onboarding to integrating into the client’s systems. Daley And Associates refined its processes to manage remote setups efficiently, ensuring that every new hire was equipped and ready to contribute from day one. Our proactive approach helped streamline operations, significantly reducing the onboarding time.


The strategic partnership between Daley And Associates and our hospitality client during the COVID-19 pandemic highlights our firm’s ability to provide critical staffing solutions under pressure, adapt processes to meet new challenges and maintain a high level of service that aligns with our client’s long-term strategic goals.

Through innovative staffing solutions and dedicated service, Daley And Associates has proven itself a pivotal force in enabling client success during one of the most challenging periods in recent history. Additionally, many contractors staffed by Daley And Associated were converted to permanent employees towards the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Daley And Associates 

The enduring relationship between Daley And Associates and the client is a testament to our commitment to fully exceed our partners’ staffing needs. Our involvement has extended beyond the pandemic, with ongoing consultations and staffing for both temporary and permanent positions as the client grows and adapts in the post-pandemic era.

Understanding and integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) into our recruitment practices has been a key focus for Daley And Associates. By aligning our efforts with the client’s DE&I policies, we ensure that our staffing solutions meet technical requirements and enhance the client’s corporate culture and values.

If you’re facing hospitality staffing challenges, we can provide the expertise and connections you need to find the best talent. Learn more about working with Daley And Associates today!

Our Accounting & Financing Services Commitment and Expertise: 

Daley And Associates’ Accounting and Finance division is comprised of professionals with extensive experience in evaluating and analyzing industry talent.

In today’s globally competitive business, you need a knowledgeable search and staffing partner that thoroughly understands the industry. Our recruiters are trained to identify the experience, work ethic, and personality that best suit the needs of our clients. 

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