Turnaround Plan: Staffing Critical Executive Hires

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The Headmistress of the school was brought in to turn around the academic institution. When she took over the school was operating in a deficit, admissions were declining, and the endowment was weak. As part of her turnaround plan, she needed to hire a new team who understood her vision and who could execute her plan. The Headmistress contacted Daley And Associates to help identify a number of critical managers for her team including the Chief Financial Officer.


Daley And Associates met with the Headmistress at their location to get an understanding of their needs and the overall objective. The Headmistress shared with Daley the executive-level positions she needed to hire. By consulting with Daley a hiring plan was put in place and the priority of hires was established. The first and most critical initial hire was for a Chief Financial Officer. Daley assembled its research team to identify potential candidates who met all of the necessary criteria and who would rise up to meet the ambitious objectives established by the determined Headmistress. Once a pool of candidates was identified, Daley’s recruiters went to work. Daley’s professionals conducted interviews, had meetings, and performed thorough due diligence on the selected candidates. The Headmistress was presented with the candidates who best matched the established criteria for consideration. After initial meetings with the Headmistress, the pool was then narrowed to three candidates. These candidates went on to meet selected board members and a finalist was identified and hired.


In a short period of time, Daley And Associates not only assisted with the hiring of the Chief Financial officer but with several other critical executive hires. The Headmistress and her team turned the school around. Since the Headmistress took over the school’s endowment has increased 6 fold. The School’s enrollment has increased by 256%. They embarked on an aggressive expansion plan building an arts center science labs and expanding the educational curriculum. The team we placed with the Headmistress is still with her.


Our Non-Profit Services Commitment and Expertise: 

Non-profit roles range from administrative to executive-level. It can be a little bit of a different path for some, and we are happy to provide guidance for those looking to get into this sector.

Top executives here at Daley And Associates have cultivated relationships with schools and charities and/or belong to various non-profit organizations. These experts can provide the ins and outs of working at various types of Non-Profits.

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