Top IT Certifications

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Selecting the top Information Technology (IT) certifications can be challenging because of the myriad options. A career in IT can branch in many directions. For example, you can choose to set up networks, pursue web design, provide application or cloud support, manage system or application security, deal in cybersecurity, or a multitude of other IT specialties. Associated with each are specific certifications that will enhance your skills and marketability.

If you’re contemplating a career in IT, talk with experienced professionals to find the track best suited to your aptitudes and interests. When you’ve selected a path, the next step is determining the education, training, work experience, and certifications commensurate with success in your field of choice.

Here are the top ten if you’re interested in which certifications earn the highest salaries. The annual salaries listed below are based on the Global Knowledge 2021 IT Skills and Salary Survey:

  1. Google Certified Professional Data Engineer – $171,749
  2. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect – $169,029
  3. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate – $159,033
  4. Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control – $151, 995
  5. Certified Information Systems Security Professional – $151,853
  6. Certified Information Security Manager – $149,246
  7. Project Management Professional – $148,906
  8. Nutanix Certified Professional – Multicloud Infrastructure – $142,810
  9. Certified Information Systems Auditor – $134,460
  10. VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization 2020 – $132,947

As is evident from the opportunities described above, there’s a wide range of possibilities for those interested in Information Technology.

It’s up to you. Do your homework, find a path aligned with your skills and abilities, and you can have a long, satisfying career in IT.

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