The Advantages of Hiring Through External Recruitment

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What Is External Recruitment?

External recruitment is when an employer seeks to fill a job with someone who does not work for their organization. Conversely, internal recruitment is when an employer fills a position with someone who already works for the company through a lateral move, department or position transfer, or promotion.

So, what are the advantages of external recruitment over internal recruitment? And how can you work with an external staffing agency to fulfill that role? Read on to find out.

10 Advantages of External Recruitment

Here are the top 10 advantages of external recruitment.

1. Access to Large Candidate Pool

When you hire outside of your organization, you have access to a large candidate pool. You can search for candidates through the numerous job boards available, posting to your company’s website, attending networking events, attending career fairs, working with an external recruiter, and more. Furthermore, leveraging an external recruiter, like Daley And Associates, opens your position up to a large targeted candidate pool who are pre-qualified by the Daley team.

2. Improves Company Diversity

Diversity, equity, and inclusion have become hot topics in today’s world. External recruitment can help companies achieve a more diverse workforce. Hiring people from different backgrounds also leads to increased innovation, inclusion, and employee morale.

3. Offers New Perspectives

Hiring outside the company means identifying candidates from other organizations with varying experiences and perspectives. As a result, new approaches to getting work done to improve productivity, performance, and efficiency can take hold. This is especially true for candidates that Daley And Associates bring to the table, as the Daley team brings their 30+ years of experience to provide a unique perspective on who may be a good fit for an open position.

4. Promotes Employee Referral Programs

One approach to external recruitment is promoting an employee referral program to identify candidates. This is a win-win approach. The employee receives a reward for the qualified referral, and the organization gets access to new candidates that are backed by their current employees—employees tend to only refer those they know and trust to do well on the job.

5. Prevents Internal Tension

When a company hires from its internal pool of candidates, it can cause tension and competition between employees. It can also make things awkward when one employee must now report to another employee who was their coworker prior to the promotion to the new internal job.

6. Increase Market Competitiveness

Taking the step to hire external candidates means you’ll be hiring employees who can bring their expertise to your business. This is especially helpful when the candidate works or has worked for a competitor. They can offer insights into new and fresh workplace and business practices, helping you remain competitive and current on market trends.

7. Improves Brand Awareness

External recruitment increases brand awareness for an organization. Through job postings, interviews, and candidates conducting research about the business, they learn about your organization, what you stand for, your company culture, and more. Plus, the Daley And Associates team leverages their own networks and connections to help bring awareness to your position, and company as whole.

8. Access to External Recruiting Firms and External Recruiters

Another great benefit of external recruiting is having access to recruiting firms. Recruiting firms do much of the heavy lifting for employers by identifying candidates that are a fit for their organization. External recruiters screen candidates to place them with the clients they work with, and they have an extensive network they can pull from that employers typically don’t have.

Peter Kulturides, the Director of Consulting Services at Daley And Associates, shares, “When you utilize an agency, you’re utilizing a professional network that typically your in-house recruiters don’t have. Agencies also have access to employed professionals who are passively looking. That’s the secret sauce. That’s what your in-house recruiters don’t have.”

9. Access to Specialized Knowledge and Skills

Employers have access to specialized knowledge and skills when seeking candidates outside the organization. For example, they can access specialized job boards or work with an external recruiter to fill hard-to-fill positions. External recruiters are also great resources when there’s a talent shortage.

10. Reduce HR and Recruiting Team’s Stress

When the HR team has a lot of positions to fill or hard-to-fill positions, external recruitment can be very effective when working with an external recruiter. External recruiters help take much of the burden off the internal HR and recruiting team by accessing their extensive network of candidates to fill positions. External recruiters often work with internal and HR recruiting teams to understand their needs, processes, and the company in general.

What Are the Advantages of External Recruitment Over Internal Recruitment?

In summary, here are the major advantages to external recruitment over interview recruitment, plus the benefits of leveraging external recruiters to assist in the process:

  • Internal recruiting can cause workforce gaps due to open positions you need to backfill.
  • Teams can become stagnant when there isn’t new talent coming in from outside of the organization.
  • There’s a smaller talent pool, which can mean some skills are lacking and might require employers to train internal employees to fully function in the new positions.
  • Working with external recruiters opens the talent pool wider to a pre-qualified group of candidates
  • External recruiters bring new perspectives for types of candidates who could succeed in an open role

Are you looking for high-quality candidates to fill your open positions? Daley And Associates’ recruitment services can help. Contact us today for more information!

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