How Job Interviews Are Just Like First Dates

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Why is it that the majority of people look forward to going on dates but absolutely dread job interviews? Have you ever thought about how successful interview tips are very similar to good dating tips?

I mean, you both are looking for a good fit, right? Let me explain:

You do your research.
You check out the company ahead of time to get a gist of what they’re all about. Admit it, you check out all of your date’s social channels to get a gist of the same thing too. It’s all about doing your homework.

You get nervous.
It takes a lot to be fully confident when meeting someone new that you could potentially have a future career or relationship with. By remaining calm and confident, you could possibly land a dream opportunity.

You dress for success.
If you won’t be wearing an old t-shirt to your first date, you definitely will not be wearing one to an interview.

You aim for the best first impression.
Did you know that a first impression is made within the first second of just looking at someone?

You are on time.
If you stroll in late to a job interview, it will come across to the client that you are not all that interested in the opportunity. Arriving late to your date will not leave him/or her all too happy with you either.

You ask a lot of questions.
“Tell me a little about yourself.” Stick to open-ended questions; get to really know each other! In the end, this is the decision to see if you are both a good fit for each other.

You don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.
Being yourself is key. If you are honest about yourself and what you are ideally looking for, the chances of a good outcome are much higher.

You follow up.
At the end of your time together, this is the opportunity if you want to continue your search or not. Whether you had the worst possible interview or the date of your dreams, always leave on positive terms. You never know what opportunities could arise later down the road.

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