Holiday Traditions for the Office

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The holidays are a perfect time to celebrate year-end success, get to know your employees on a social basis, and have fun after a year of hard work. Employees will appreciate the effort, and many will engage in the holiday spirit and help plan the festivities.


Some Ideas to Generate your Creativity


  1. White Elephant Gift Exchange

In a white elephant gift exchange, the focus is on “stealing” gifts rather than exchanging them—making it a lot more fun. Typically, employees buy gag gifts and are allowed to appropriate a coworker’s gift in hopes of cutting their losses.


  1. Giving Opportunities

Participating in charity work is a great team-building activity. It helps the community, which bolsters your company’s brand. Some ideas include a food drive, working at a homeless shelter, the Boys and Girls Clubs, or purchasing and wrapping gifts for families in need. There are many others; check with local charities for possibilities.


  1. Ugly Sweater Contest

It’s a cliché, but many employees enjoy seeking out the ugliest sweater and competing against their coworkers for the worst example of Christmas attire. An employee panel can judge the contest. Provide a trophy or plaque and add the winners’ name(s) each year.


  1. Family Party

Most employees love to show off their work to their families. So, throw a party and invite spouses and kids. Have activities for the kids and find ways to involve the spouses. If the group size allows, have employees say a few words about their family members.


  1. Costume Party

Challenge employees to create the most “Christmassy” costume. Have different categories of prizes to be judged by an employee panel. Let employees use the company expense account (with a reasonable dollar limit) to purchase costumes and accessories.

To make these events more enjoyable for employees, have the parties on company time and provide an appropriate budget.


At we believe in certain traditions all year long. Traditions like providing excellent customer service to our valued clients. Contact us today, and let’s talk about how we can help you during the holidays and beyond. Together we can make 2023 a great year!


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