Career Trends in the Medical Device Industry

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Jobs in the Medical Device Industry involve designing, producing, and utilizing instruments and machines common to medical professionals. Medical device industry jobs land in various environments, including laboratories, manufacturing plants, sales offices, and other locations.

These positions exemplify the variety available for those interested in joining the medical device industry.

Quality Assurance Technicians

Quality assurance technicians are detail-oriented individuals who employ rigorous inspection/testing processes to ensure that devices are built to design specifications, meet the required standards, and function as intended.


The detection and treatment of cancer require and utilize an extensive variety of medical devices. For example, Radiation Therapists work as part of an oncology team to treat cancer and other diseases with concentrated doses of radiation. They operate the equipment and interpret the results.

Sales Representative

Sales representatives typically have a background in medicine or biology that helps them understand how medical professionals use their products. Customers include hospitals, private practices, pharmacies, nursing homes, and other places that provide health care.

Field Engineer

Field engineers work on construction or manufacturing sites to ensure proper protocols are in place for the production and utilization of their equipment. Field engineers may also troubleshoot and repair equipment.

Manufacturing Engineers

Manufacturing engineers work in production facilities and oversee the design and production of devices and equipment. In addition, these engineers are responsible for the quality and cost efficiency of materials used in manufacturing.

Research and Development Engineers

R & D engineers work with various raw materials, applications, and processes to develop devices or equipment useful to medical practitioners. In addition, they often work with end users, such as doctors and other medical professionals during the design process.

Software Engineers

Software engineers are professional programmers who design software based on customer specifications. They write code that allows medical devices to function correctly, troubleshoot operating issues, and develop guides for device/equipment use.

Ultrasound Technicians

Ultrasound technicians utilize ultrasound equipment to create images of targeted aspects of patients’ bodies. From routine pregnancy to diagnostic ultrasounds, technicians use this critical medical device to provide essential health information for patients.

Medical device jobs vary widely in areas such as orthopedics, surgical instruments, IV equipment, and dental instruments. The above list reflects a sampling of the career opportunities available for someone willing to undertake the necessary training and education. It can be a career with tremendous variety, intellectual challenge, and a sense of doing something important for humankind.

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