Ace Your Next Video Interview

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Video interviews are becoming more popular with interviewing especially most recently. There are many things you want to consider when having a video interview. Below are a few rules to follow when having a phone interview.

Keep the background neutral. You want to make sure you are the main focus of the interviewer’s attention. You don’t want clutter behind you that is visible, busy wallpaper to distract them or your half-eaten breakfast in your video shot. If it’s possible you want to set up your interview in front of a blank wall.

Find the right camera angle. You’re going to want to place your laptop webcam at the same height as the top of your head and slightly point the webcam downward. You want your head, shoulders and about half your torso to show in the camera. It is also important that you are sitting up straight! Sitting up straight is more professional and a more polished look.

Dress for success. You want to be sure you look professional. Make sure your hair, facial hair, and makeup all look professional. Business casual dress in neutral colors is a good go-to for a video interview. Pay attention to your body language in front of the camera and once again, make sure to sit up straight!

Rehearse and prepare. The best way to get comfortable in front of a screen is to practice! Do your research on the company you are interviewing for. Prepare yourself to know about the company and the role. Have a mock interview to practice and to help prepare your answers to some questions that could be asked. You want your answers to relate to the role and show that you can do the job you are interviewing for.

Show your personality. A lot of times they are holding a video interview vs. a phone interview because they want to see if your personality will be a fit for their team/company. You don’t want to seem too stiff and visibly nervous because in front of the camera. Show your personality through your answers and throughout the conversation you are having with the interviewer.

And the two most important things during a video interview: smile and make eye contact! If you follow these steps you will ace your job interview and land your next job.

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